Welcome to ICAIBDEA 2021

ICAIBDEA is an acronym for International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data in Engineering Applications. Artificial intelligence, collection and control of big data are widely used for practical engineering applications for complex problems and decision support systems. Then the systems become smart and expert. Disaster management, industrial production, engineering design and construction, maintenance, sustainability, control and manage data in real time by using sensors, monitoring information, energy distribution, traffic congestion, environmental solutions are efficiently developed and implemented integrated solutions in AI and Big Data. Such as traffic and transportation data, infrastructure data, early warning systems to improve the management and efficiency of the urban environment and safety.Proceedings include case studies, innovative techniques in engineering applications strongly welcome to our conference.

The principal mission of ICAIBDEA is bridging the gap between universities and sectors, encouraging interdisciplinary research applications and bringing multidiscipline researchers together